24 October 2010

Patience is a virtue that could save your life


Patience is a virtue that could save your life.

This is what could have happened
due to the driver's impatience!

As I was returning from the mountains on a bus last evening, we were still out in the countryside when this point was illustrated quite well. In the oncoming lane was a slow-moving farm vehicle. Behind the farm vehicle was a car, the driver of which apparently was not interested in waiting. So, he pulled out in an attempt to pass, right in front of the oncoming bus (the one I was in). The driver of the car was successful in his foolhardy attempt, but only just. A collision was barely avoided. Had a collision occurred, it would certainly have gone worse for the driver of the car than us sitting in the bus. Just think of how a little patience could have kept him from even being at such a risk of death.

How many times in life do we rush things? We get impatient, and so we oftentimes have problems as a result. Sometimes these are just problems for ourselves. Sometimes they are problems that involve other people. Medical problems such as hypertension can result. We can hurt people we care about. Impatience rarely leads anywhere good.

Try increasing your level of patience and see if you aren't pleased with the results. Of course, too much patience, and you'll spend your whole life waiting. It's all about balance.