04 November 2010

The liturgy was designed for God!


These days many think that liturgy is a form of entertainment and that it must be changed to suit the whims and desires of the congregation without regard to Scripture, doctrine, and tradition. This becomes especially problematic when people mistakenly believe that they can and should modify the liturgy just to fill the pews or "get the young people in." It is a fallacy and one that is ultimately doomed to failure. Canon Jerome Osjv, an Old Catholic prelate in the United Kingdom, recently put it very well with the following statement. 

The liturgy was designed for God! The "young people" can be catechised and learn that the universe does not revolve around their likes and dislikes! It took a little time for me to appreciate that, but I was glad when I did... as are, it seems, most "young" people when they (re)discover Tradition.

Thanks to Canon Jerome for saying it so well and so succinctly.