25 November 2010

Is airport security really worth it, or are we on the road to losing freedom?


Recent developments in airport security and the government's lack of willingness to do anything about it, despite public outcry, has left me in a great state of concern for the welfare and freedom of the people in the country. First, it must be pointed out that this is not a political matter, but rather a matter of ethics and morals, and hence the direct authority and responsibility of the Church. Christians and especially priests have a duty to work for the betterment of the condition of mankind, and therefore must speak out in cases such as these.

A recent photograph (see ACNS news brief) depicted a nun being frisked by a female TSA officer, who likely was wearing a Muslim headdress, at Detroit Metro. From the ACNS story, you can see links that contain other related stories including invasive pat-downs of three year olds. Ask yourself what you would do if it was your three year old that some TSA agent was about to touch inappropriately. Interestingly, the government tends to arrest people who touch children in that way, but instead has given TSA a free hand (pardon the pun) in the matter.

When you harass or abuse a holy brother or sister, or a deacon, priest, or bishop, you are taking direct action against a servant of God and a representative of the Holy Church. Actions against them are most serious. Think for a minute about how threatening a regular citizen might not get you in trouble, but threatening a police officer most likely will. TSA certainly takes it seriously when people stand up to them or, admittedly, even when passengers behave inappropriately or dangerously (not to excuse some of the actions of TSA). I assure you that the Church takes it very seriously when those sworn servants of the Lord are abused.

As for harassment of children, remember that our Lord said that whatever we do unto the least of us, we do unto him. When TSA officers harass and inappropriately touch children, it is no different than if they were doing this to our Lord. The officers may not even ever be called to answer for their actions against the religious, children, and the rest of us in this lifetime, but I promise that they will at least be called to answer for their actions when they stand for judgment in the world that is to come.