14 November 2010

Response to ACNS Article on New Airport Procedures


The recent article from the ACNS on frightening moral concerns with new airport security started me thinking about my own observations travelling over the years. Travelling as a child all over the world, we never experienced anything in the US or elsewhere that compares to what seems to be going on American airports now. The excuse for the new procedures is a need to protect the people. That is a noble goal, but it is also the excuse of every tyrant in history. As Benjamin Franklin said, he who would trade an ounce of freedom for a pound of security is worthy of neither.

I also question a system in which, despite the data that clearly demonstrates that the attacks are coming exclusively from one segment of the world's population, yet continually insists on harassing children and the elderly, American military veterans, and other upstanding citizens all in the name of political correctness. I know one high-ranking retired military officer who, along with his wife, was detained and questioned upon re-entered the United States. His wife was put in a separate room, and they could not open the doors on their own. Is this the face of the terrorist threat, or are we becoming another police state just like those we claim to be fighting?

And where is the recourse? If you stand up for yourself, you run the serious risk of being further harassed, detained, or arrested. This is not the America I grew up in. It is not the America of my ancestors. When government agencies or specific individuals within the government behave in this manner, they fail in their moral obligation to the people. We therefore have a right and a duty to speak out on this matter. A true and just government must behave in an ethical fashion towards those to whom it has been given to govern.