02 November 2010

Why All Souls' Day is a Happy Day to Me


I just finished celebrating the three masses appointed for All Souls' Day today. You'd think with the lack of flowers, austere modifications to the mass, black vestments, the Dies Irae, and so on that it would be a truly depressing chore to say masses on this day. Perhaps it might bring back memories of funeral masses, weeping families, and the like. Yet, I don't feel this way at all. I truly find this day a particularly joyous occasion.

Today the Church prays for the dead. We pray for all the faithful departed in Christ, as well as for specific departed for whom we wish to pray. Through this mass we are reminded of the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the hope of eternal salvation. Though we feel a loss when our friends and loved ones pass away, how can we really be truly sad when we know that through Christ they may live! It is this wonderful fact of our Faith that we are reminded of three times today. It is for this reason that this is one of my favorite days in the Christian calendar.