30 November 2010

At Peace in the Habit of my Vocation


Christ's humble servant
in the cappa pontificalis, which
the Metropolitan See uses
as a formal cape and takes
the place of the cappa magna.
There is hope for those who feel that natural and burning desire to wear the habit of their spiritual vocation. All clergy, of course, ought to feel such a desire. It isn't always easy these days. The modern "reformers" want to get rid of the Church's venerable traditions. Society in general seems against the Church overall. Sometimes it seems you just can't win for losing, as the saying goes. Yet, there is always hope. Let me share a few key points to help all clergy be at peace, in or out of their habits.

- My habit may not in keeping with the times, but then the Kingdom I serve is not even of this world.

- My habit may seem regal, but we are here to reflect the glory of Christ the King.

- Some criticize the vesture of clerics (especially of bishops) for being expensive, saying they should be sold off to help the poor. Yet, I don't see those critics selling off their expensive DVD players, expensive computer equipment, and expensive cars to help the poor.

- My habit may not seem manly enough to some in this age, but then, it takes a real man to go against the crowd and follow his vocation.

- My habit might draw attention to myself, but it is part of my witness to Christ. It just makes me remember that I must always strive to be as Christ-like as possible.

These are just a few thoughts on the matter. I pray that all clerics are at peace with their vocation and all that entails. If you are at peace, then you will not only feel at home in the habit of your vocation, but the critics won't matter to you. You will be able to live out your Christian witness and clerical vocation without fear.