11 December 2010

Some Praise for TSA


Despite the recent TSA debacle with the Indian Ambassador to the US, I have something nice to say about some TSA agents. Just recently I returned to the US, entering through Portland, Oregon. I made sure every last piece of metal, including gold, was removed just to be on the safe side. Thankfully I didn't beep, so there was no need for conflict. The several TSA officers there at the security check, though, were extremely nice, friendly, and professional.

With all the image issues TSA is currently suffering, those officers who behave well deserve to be praised openly. The conduct of the officers is even more important given the precise security screening location they were staffing. It was the checkpoint passengers go through when they enter the country from an international flight and then proceed to take a domestic flight. For Americans, professional, polite, and proper conduct by TSA officers at such a checkpoint makes one's re-entry into the US more pleasant. For foreign visitors, this is one of the first images of the US that they will see. Professional, polite, and proper conduct by TSA officers there will give them a much better feeling and impression of the US.