23 February 2011

Priests are Meant to Make People Uncomfortable


It seems that some have the misguided notion that priests should make everyone around them comfortable and not offend anyone. While the faithful should indeed get a comforting feeling from being around a priest, it is not the job of a priest to make people comfortable. A priest has the responsibility to uphold the Faith and the Church and to care for the souls of those in their care. This cannot be done if the primary concern of a priest is not offending anyone.

Because of this responsibility that we as priests have, we must put the promotion of the Faith first. This does not mean, though, that we should seek out or try to initiate fights about doctrine or the Faith in general. I do not suggest this at all. Rather, it means that we must take a stand for the Faith when called to do so. We should not stand idly by while the secular world descends into relativism and say nothing about it for fear of offending others.

The Church is charged with the mission of saving the souls of the people of this world. We care about all souls. This is and must remain our primary concern. We expect resistance, but it must not deter us. Sometimes love must be a form of tough love as we tell people what they must hear, but do not want to hear. It is better to risk offending someone than to risk their immortal soul.