07 February 2011

Sound of Music


The Sound of Music film version with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer ranks as one of the greatest films of all time. We watched it again over the weekend. What is interesting is where I found the DVD. It wasn't at the movie rental store, so I went to the local library. It was only at one of the branches and in the juvenile section. Yes, that's right. The kids' movie section, not the adult or general section. Surely adults today want to watch something like just because they want to see it, not just because it is something safe for the children to watch. I first saw it as a child, but watching it as an adult, I can attest that one sees the whole plot differently.

I had forgotten what a powerful, enjoyable, uplifting film it was. It is simultaneously challenging on moral, social, and political issues and easy to watch. We need more productions like this today!