27 July 2011

Misperceptions of Catholicism


Only a few people likely truly hate Catholicism, but there are many who hate what they perceive to be Catholicism. Centuries of misinformation inside and outside the Church have left Catholics and especially non-Catholics wondering just what is Catholicism. Even many Anglo-Catholics remain confused, preferring to focus on their differences, real or perceived, from the Roman Church. Misperceptions cause and perpetuate so many divisions within the Church.

The anti-catholics might even be Catholics themselves if they would get over their stubbornness and make a sincere effort to understand just what is Catholicism. Their pride is usually too strong, though, and this pride is ultimately an admission of the weakness of their beliefs. They cannot risk any challenge to their position, for they know in a fair competition their position will not stand.

Eventually, though, some who were even vehemently anti-catholic experience a true conversion of heart. God opens their mind, and they see that logic points to only one thing, and that is Catholicism.