01 July 2011

The World Turned Upside Down


The World Turned Upside Down is the title of a tune popular in the Revolutionary period in America. It seems equally applicable to the present time. 

In the wake of the New York decision to legalize gay marriage and the Church's vigorous opposition to it, a  recent article in the Huffington Post by college professor Lee Jefferson sought to detail what the Bible "actually says." Unfortunately Jefferson adopts the approach of claiming that the Bible is just a bunch of stories and was written long ago, so therefore has no relevance today. He specifically says "Simply put, the Bible is a complicated collection of documents that was never meant to "speak" to our contemporary situation, but groups often speak through the lens of the Bible and lob textual grenades on issues like same-sex marriage." Ironically, while criticizing the opponents of gay marriage for citing the Bible as a source, he falls into the trap of prooftexting to further his own point. In fact, much of what he says actually proves the point of opponents of gay marriage. Scripture must be taken in the context of the entirety of Scripture, as well as the tradition in which it was written. Doctrine is the interpretation of the Scripture. The Doctrine regarding homosexuality is well-established and has been quite consistent throughout the history of the Church. It is well grounded in Scripture. It applies equally to the issue of same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage is, by the Doctrine of the Church, thoroughly in conflict with Christian Doctrine, as well as the Scripture from which it is drawn. Anyone with even the slightest bit of proper catechesis should know this.

Now, add to this the stunning plans of California to include so-called "gay history" in school textbooks. Does any decent Christian person want his child writing a term paper on the struggle of homosexuals to mainstream their deviant behavior?

Further add to this a government that largely seems determined to make decisions that at best are a bandage for a major problem while doing nothing substantial to end the economic crisis. The government has long past the point where its primary goal is to serve itself. The President and his wife seem to be taking quite a number of trips of questionable need in this time of financial trouble, despite the cost to the government. People are suffering in the country, and the government pays it lip service. This is not, of course, a political statement, but one of ethics and the moral duty of a government towards its people.

The world certainly seems upside down at the moment. Let us all pray for a return to a Christ-centered life in America.