17 February 2012

Pro-Lifers Arrested for Praying


Not long ago I wrote in a pastoral letter about the very real threat of Christian persecution in the United States. I said that it was entirely conceivable that the time will come that Christians may be arrested for practicing and defending the Faith, and I have not been alone in making this comment. Yesterday, Thursday the 16th of February, A.D. 2011, this happened. Six pro-life advocates, including one priest and one protestant minister, were peacefully assembled outside the White House. As they knelt in prayer, the police were called in to arrest them for the curious reason of "failure to obey a lawful order." (Read more here and here.) What makes this even more puzzling is that scores of people have been occupying federal property in Washington, and this was considered their right. Yet, a handful pray in front of the White House, and the police are called.

Also worth noting is that Fr. Denis Wilde, the priest who was praying outside the White House, is the Associate Director of Priests for Life, which is currently suing the Obama Administration over the health insurance mandates. Is this a coincidence? Are those who oppose Obama and his anti-Christian policies going to be harassed by the government?
Since when is prayer illegal? And how dare the police lay a hand on men of the cloth? This is indicative of the anti-Christian intolerance that marks the regime occupying the White House. Religious freedom and indeed freedom in general has been trampled on by the Obama administration. And where was all the coverage of this incident in the mass media? It seems to have been covered primarily or only in the conservative media.

It is time for the Christian Faithful to stand up to those who have taken over our nation and hijacked the sacred principles of freedom on which it was founded. This is not a political matter, but rather a matter of Christian duty. Make your voice heard before it is too late. Otherwise, next time it could be you being arrested for exercising your rights to free exercise of religion.