20 February 2012

The World Needs More Love


The world needs more love. It might sound like the lyrics to a pop song, but it is true nonetheless. Think of how much suffering there is in the world because people fail to behave with charity towards their fellow human beings. Think of how many conflicts could be avoided if people simply worked a little harder towards loving others. This is perhaps idealistic, but the fact that there will always be pain and suffering and evil in the world is no excuse whatsoever for giving up and not trying to do something about it.

The next time you feel like getting angry or upset at someone, take a deep breath, calm down, and try to work it out. It takes two people to have a fight. It takes two people to have an argument. If someone wants to argue with you, yet you refuse to argue with them, it will not be much of an argument! This does not mean you cannot or should not disagree with people or should allow yourself to be abused. It does mean, though, that disagreements and even outright conflicts ought to be conducted in a manner in which both parties act with charity towards each other. Too often conflict becomes an "us" versus "them" struggle to win at all costs. Often less damage can be done if both parties try to work things out and with charity towards each other. Remember that in seeking to destroy someone else, you may end up destroying yourself in the process. 

Why fight your neighbor if you can settle your differences and live in peace? General Robert E. Lee prayed for his enemies every day. Indeed, we should always act towards our enemies as if they will one day be our friend, as that may in fact be the very result we achieve. With a little more love, we can have a lot fewer senseless conflict in the world, in our nation, in our communities, and in our families.

Consider this as we move into Lent this Wednesday. Reach out to people you have wronged and to people who have wronged you, no matter how long it has been. Forgive them, forgive yourself, and allow yourself to be forgiven by them and by God. Remember the new Commandment of our Lord that we love one another. This Lent, may you obtain that peace that can only come through forgiveness by the grace and love of Jesus Christ.