04 April 2012

Sacrifice and Surrender


As we come to the mid-way mark of Holy Week, we find ourselves in the midst of a troubled world. To a Christian, this should not come as a surprise. As the United States and other countries turn more and more away from Christ, it is only logical that there will be increased suffering. Almost four years ago, the people of the United States elected one of the most evil individuals in the history of world governance. For four years, he has attacked decent society, the Christian Church, personal freedom, religious freedom, and the Constitution that guarantees those freedoms under law. Now, as the Constitutionality of his Obamacare program is being deliberated in the Supreme Court, he has issued his own personal challenge to the Court. Apparently the White House does not believe that federal law is subject to judicial review. This is so troubling that the 5th Circuit Court has demanded clarification from the Department of Justice on exactly what their position is on this matter.

My dear children in Christ, the acts of this administration are as dangerous as those of Adolf Hitler and other despots throughout history. His apparent plan is to erode freedom, destroy the true Church of Christ, and create a socialist dictatorship in America. Not even Barack Hussein Obama can eradicate Christ's Holy Church from the earth or even from America. That does not mean that he and his faction cannot create an environment of death and the domain of Satan on earth and in America. Every action he and his administration have taken has been aimed at a complete take-over of the United States. There has even been talk that the 2012 election may or may not be allowed to take place. That certainly seems far fetched in the American republic, but then most Germans never imagined the horrific results of the leadership of Adolf Hitler. Whether or not it will happen in America, never imagine for even a second that it cannot happen. Complacency is the enemy of faith and freedom.

As we continue through Holy Week, pray for the government and pray that the nation may return to Christ's true faith. On Good Friday, let our nation die to the world, renounce the temptation of Satan, and embrace the Cross of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On Easter Sunday, let our nation be reborn in Christ and reject all despots and socialist dictators who seek to destroy personal freedom and destroy the Church. On Low Sunday, as we commemorate the Divine Mercy of Our Lord, let us pray that Christ will indeed show his Divine Mercy upon the United States and that the Blood and water flowing from His precious side will wash our country clean of the stain of this present administration and the intrinsic evil that it represents.