08 August 2012

Changes in America

Sub tuum.

America today is not the country I grew up in. It is not even the same country it was four or five years ago. The changes in government policy and societal attitudes have been both rapid and dramatic. What is intrinsically evil is now embraced by the very same nation that defeated the intrinsic evil of the Nazis a little more than half a century ago. It is legal for a woman to murder her unborn child, but there is talk of banning french fries for children because it is bad for health. Every form of lifestyle and belief is now expected to be tolerated except, of course, the traditional Christian way of life.

In many ways what is most troubling is that many of these liberal and modernist agendas being forced on everyone else is that often they are promoted under the guise of religion. The liberals and modernists have taken bits and pieces of Christianity, often taken completely out of context or simply re-interpretted, and used it to further their agenda. They then make the fantastic claim that those who do not support their viewpoints are not Christian. When confronted with the fact that their arguments do not stand up to theology, they respond with accusations of intolerance, though they are not themselves tolerant to traditional Christianity. Their real agenda is clear, and that is to enact fundamental changes in society. To do this, they must convince Christians that the only way to be a "real" Christian is to do what the liberals and modernists say.

How is this possible? How can this happen that people do not know their own faith enough that others can sway them so easily? First, there is secular pressure. Society has for decades been pushing radical secularization, using as one of their chief weapons a reinterpretation of the First Amendment of the Constitution. Related to this is the notion of privatization of religion, i.e., the belief that one's religious beliefs are merely one's own and all beliefs are inherently equal in merit. This stems largely from the moral relativism so prevalent in a secularized society. As a result, individuals have been re-defining Christianity to suit themselves. They take Jesus Christ and then build up their own set of beliefs around Him, ignoring the truth Christian religion established by Christ and those appointed by Him as they find it inconvenient. In reality, what they have done is broken completely from Christianity and created completely new religions that fit their own personal beliefs. In today's society, each so-called Christian can have his own personal religion. And, since that is considered one's right to do, all beliefs must necessarily be considered to be "equal" or "correct," even in the face of disagreement. After all, if someone believes a certain way and someone else believes a completely different way, they must accept each other's viewpoints if they themselves want to justify their position that they can make up their own version of Christianity and have it be just as valid as the true and original Christianity. This makes it very easy for an individual to be swayed by modernist reformers bent on using pseudo-Christianity to turn Christians away from Christ and towards the new agenda.

Under the guise of freedom, we are slowly having our freedoms taken away. Already this year many Christian organizations and individuals have been told that they must fund medical procedures that they find morally reprehensible. While in a free society such as America one may be free to do as one pleases within the bounds of the law, it is inconceivable that those who disagree should be forced to pay for it. And, while society is being forced to accept every type of perversion and immorality, those who hold the true Christian faith handed down from Christ through the Apostles in unbroken succession are being marginalized. The wear of the burka is the right of Muslim women in America, but the wear of the clerical collar by a priest in the same circumstances is not? It is acceptable to voice support for gay marriage, but not to oppose it? The government intrudes into the business of the Church. Christians peacefully and legally exercising their right to free speech under the Constitution have even been arrested. In America one has the right to voice one's support or opposition for legislation. Yet, today this does not seem to extend to conservative Christians. There is ultimately one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, and one Church. It is our duty to uphold and defend the Faith. Until recently, it was also our clear and undoubted right in the United States. Now I am not so sure that America guarantees that right under secular law. Despite all the rhetoric that new reforms are about freedom and rights, the freedom and rights of traditional Christians is diminishing greatly.