29 August 2013

The Syrian Situation

Sub Tuum.

The turmoil in Syria is all the talk on the news these days. Some are clamoring for an American invasion of Syria. Some believe the U.S. should avoid getting involved in yet one more regional conflict that is viewed essentially as a local matter. First and foremost, though, should be concern regarding the humanitarian situation. Christian churches are being bombed. There are allegations of chemical weapons having been used. There are many victims of man's inhumanity to man. 

Is American military involvement in Syria really going to save lives and create stability, or will it merely add to the killing and destruction? That is the question that politicians must answer. Before we ask even one soldier to put his boots on the ground in Syria and possibly die, the government must ensure that it is worth the potential cost. This is important anyway, but even more so in the wake of over a decade of military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Political considerations and distractions must have no bearing on the decision. Those who are worried more about their own political careers rather than the lives of those whom they might order into combat are not worthy of the awesome responsibility of having authority over troops.