11 September 2013

Live Your Life According to What You are For, not What You are Against.

Sub Tuum.

Has anyone else noticed the amount of negativity in the world? What about all the complainers for whom nothing is ever right (except what they do, of course)? Certainly most of us voice complaints or concerns from time to time, but now it seems so many people define their lives by what they are against rather than what they are for. The biggest problem with that, other than the negativity, is that it really does nothing to help each of us understand and define who we really are. It does nothing in reality for our sense of identity. 

Let's start with an historical example. Let's say you lived in the 1940s and were against the Nazis. I bet most of you immediately thought that meant you were an American or at least with the Allies. Does it really mean that? Not at all. It just means you are against the Nazis. It says nothing about who YOU are. 

Now what happens when the Nazis were defeated? Who are you then? If you define yourself by what you are against, then you must go look for something else to be against. If that is the case, then you are destined for a life of conflict while all the positive things pass you by. 

Things that we are against should come as a natural extension of the things we are for. If we say we are against abortion, then that says little if anything about the reasons why and what we are for. On the other hand, if we say we are for life, then being against abortion is a natural effect of that. Moreover, it explains why we are against abortion. The state of being against something grows out of a positive thing (supporting life) rather than something negative. If you order your life and define yourself according to what you are for, and what you are for is good, then what you are against will come from a position of love rather than hate.