29 January 2014

Pope Francis a Rock Star?

Sub Tuum. 

The cover story of Pope Francis in Rolling Stone magazine has, not surprisingly, made national news. I have now read the article, or at least as much as I could stomach. It is, as expected, an article that demonstrates an understanding of neither Francis nor the Church. It is insulting to the Supreme Pontiff, to his predecessor, to the church infrastructure, and even to the beauty of the Vatican itself. Some of these insults come from a lack of understanding. Some are outright and direct, such as calling the pontificate of Benedict XVI "disastrous." The article treats both Pope Francis and the Church as a mere earthly organization who needs to keep with the times. Yet, those parts of the Church that keep with the times cease to be the true Church. What Rolling Stone fails to acknowledge or understand is that Francis's message of helping the poor is nothing new in the Church. In fact, it goes back to the very beginning. Remember Saint Lawrence the Roman Deacon, who took his captors to see the poor when they asked to see the treasures of the Church? Benedict XVI preached the same message. 

And what of Francis's style? The rock and roll industry is certainly fashion-conscious, but Francis is not wearing fashion. He is wearing the Papal habit. True, he doesn't wear all of it. One can agree or disagree with that. But, in terms of personality, Francis isn't playing a part, he is being himself. 

One can agree or disagree with various policies and positions of Pope Francis. However, it is a shame and outright dangerous that the humility and humanity of Pope Francis are being exploited by the modernists, liberals, and secularists, both inside and outside the Church, to promote heresy, division, and the liberal agenda. Remember the words of Bl. Pius IX that liberal Catholics are the worst enemies of the Church." Remember also the words of that great Bishop and Doctor of the Church, Saint Athanasius, that those who keep the traditions of the Church, even if reduced to a handful, are the true Catholic Church.