13 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sub Tuum.

As couples all over prepare for an day of romance this Friday on the Feast of Saint Valentine, it is wise to remember that the true source of all love is God. Even true love between a man and a woman is a reflection of God's love and a way for humans to experience God's love. Too often in today's society people see "romance" as a means to get something. Yet, true love is necessarily sacrificial. On this day of romance, remember the example of Saint Valentine himself. He was an Roman priest. So much was his love of God and his devotion to the Blessed Mother that he was martyred in one of the many persecutions of Christians in the early Church. So this Valentine's Day, don't concern yourself with what your significant other can do for you, but instead ask what you yourself can do for them. This life is so short that we ought not waste even one heartbeat of it.

Relics of Saint Valentine in Rome

Saint Valentine receives the rosary from the Blessed Virgin