22 February 2014

How "Traditionalist vs. Liberal" is destroying the Church from within

Sub Tuum.

First, let me say that I agree with Pius IX, Pius X, and many other Church fathers and leaders in that liberalism and modernism are dangerous heresies that threaten to tear the Church apart from within. These threats are nothing new, and thus the faithful must always battle them. The Church Militant is constantly in a state of crucifixion and resurrection, and hence constantly in a state of renewal. Tradition, firmly rooted in Scripture and the authority of the Church, is the guide.

That said, one of the most unfortunate outcomes of the liberal changes of the 1970s is the division of Catholics into two broad camps: Liberals and Traditionalists. It is difficult not to be in one of these two in one way or another. These camps are defined both in terms of liturgy and theology. Thus one in theory could like the new mass and lean more towards conservative, traditional theology. Not surprisingly, though, these camps are generally centered around the liturgy. 

Before these modifications, there was one mass. Whatever the debates and disagreements in theology and social doctrine might have been, there was one mass. There was one form of common prayer that we all used. (Even the various rites were consistent in spirit, and thus a different form of the same thing.) Now we have various traditional masses. Some are with the local diocese. Some are not. Even among Novus Ordo parishes, there is a wide range of style. Today one never knows what one is going to get, as liturgy reflects more personality and local groupthink rather than the one, unified doctrine of the Church. 

As for me, I'm a Catholic, plain and simple. I refuse to participate in these debates. Yes, I hold to the traditions of the Church. Yes, I profess the traditional doctrine and theology of the Church. I took a solemn oath to do so, even to the shedding of my own blood if necessary. The bickering between jurisdictions and even between parishes is counterproductive and nothing more than a tool of Satan to instill division within the corporate Body of Christ. I agree there can be no compromise on the immutable doctrine of the Faith. What will I do? I will simply continue to say mass for the people of the world.