21 February 2014

The strange modern notions of Church and State in America

Sub Tuum.

It is only in the recent period of America's history that the idea that religion should have no place in the public sector has been considered the norm. Of course, anti-Catholic policies and sentiments have always persisted and sought to limit or eliminate the influence of Catholicism. Religion, particularly Christianity as a whole, was not only tolerated, it was upheld. Several of the first states had state religions. Laws pertaining to things like blasphemy remained on the books in some states until quite recently. Thomas Jefferson stated that the government had no right to meddle in the affairs of the church. From the Colonial days, though, the church was right there in government. There are chaplains for the Senate and House of Representatives. Invocations are given at Presidential Inaugurations. The list goes on and on. It was simply considered normal until the past decade. 

The funny thing about all this is that the secularists who are promoting this shift in American mentality claim that America really is secular and was originally secular. Yet the facts suggest quite the opposite. America was and is a Christian nation. I remember my childhood, no matter how much the secularists want me to forget. Yet so many people forget. Those of us who remember will eventually be overshadowed by the many young people who are growing up with no knowledge of their history. They will believe in secularism because no one has told them otherwise. They will believe religion is not part of America because no one has taught them otherwise. The Church is being crucified by the secularists. It is the duty of the Church Militant to work through the grace of God to rise again for the good of the souls of mankind!