29 March 2014

Score 1 for Pope Francis

Sub Tuum.

I would suppose that few people have no opinion whatsoever on Pope Francis. Whatever one's opinion, it is hard not to admit that the Holy Father won the engagement, so to speak, in his recent meeting with Obama.

Prior to the meeting, Obama referred to himself and the Pope as kindred spirits. While perhaps confusing to many, I can somewhat understand the sentiment. You see, Pope Francis likes poor people, while Obama likes to create poor people. 

It was said before the meeting that Obama would likely acknowledge that there were many differences of opinion, so they should try to find common ground for their discussion. The Holy Father, though, did not take the bait. Instead he hammered away on the grave issues facing America under the Obama Administration: religious freedom, right to life, and choice of conscience, among others. 

If the meeting were a squash game, the score would be 9-0, Francis, with the Pope's shots going hard and low, and the President's going straight into the tin.  

27 March 2014

The Situation in the Ukraine

Sub Tuum.

As the situation in the Ukraine has continued, I have had relatively little to say on the matter. What was essentially a regional matter (regardless of who is "right") has been exploited to advance the political agendas of governments around the world. This is one of the greatest tragedies of the entire situation. 

Now, consider also that the uprisings that sparked all this mess were the source of the majority of the violence, not the Russians. It is also unlikely that such an uprising would have been able to get going without backing from one or more other countries quietly manipulating things from behind the scenes. Some countries are particularly famous for doing that. 

And what of Crimea itself? Well, that was originally part of Russia. It was in fact "given" to the Ukraine during the time of the Soviet Union by Khrushchev. Furthermore, that region is not "pro-Russian," but actually Russian. There has been a long-time problem of ethnic Russians being the victims of severe discrimination and even violence at the hands of the ethnic Ukrainians. Where was the world outrage at that? I don't even hear about that in the western news. 

Also, it is ironic that many of the countries condemning the actions of the Russian Federation have themselves a long history of annexing other territories, often with far more bloodshed than is currently seen in the present situation. The pot so often loves to call the kettle black. 

Regardless of which side is right, the rest of the world would do well to lay aside petty politics and ultra-nationalism and instead strive to understand the totality of the situation. Above all, let us pray for a peaceful resolution to the matter, and one that results in the best benefits to all parties concerned. 

12 March 2014

New Mass Propers Blog

Sub Tuum.

A new blog has been launched that will post the daily mass propers according to the Anglo-Roman Tridentine Liturgy. The propers are taken from the Missale Anglicanum Editio Latina et Anglica 2nd Edition. The blog is located here: http://masspropers.blogspot.com