30 June 2014

The Feast of Saint Peter and Paul 2014

Sub Tuum. 

Today we celebrate the annual Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. In the Patriarchate of St. Stephen this feast is also a celebration of our union with the Eternal See of Rome that we enjoy through Apostolic Succession from Blessed Peter the Apostle and the faithful preservation of the traditions, theology, and doctrine of the Holy Catholic Church. This is indeed a special time. Peter was the Rock upon which Our Lord chose to build His Church. Peter established his See ultimately in Rome, the hub of the western world at the time. It was largely via Roman roads that the faith was spread in the early Church. It was the Roman Emperor Constantine that would bring Christianity into the open and make it easier to spread the Holy Gospel. It was in Rome that Peter, that city's first Bishop, was martyred, crucified upside down. He was buried on the Vatican Hill, where the Basilica in his honor stands today as the First Church in Christendom.

Through the unbroken line of succession from Peter, we are connected not only to Peter, the first Bishop of Rome, but to all his successors, the Popes. Through dedicated and living preservation of those most sacred traditions of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church, and to the doctrine thereof, we ever maintain a union with the Eternal See of Rome.