22 July 2014

Call to Action - Help the Christians of the Middle East

Sub Tuum.

Translation of the Arabic:
"In Solidarity with the
Christian people of Iraq.
To the Faithful in Christ:

Christians are being murdered, tortured, raped, beaten, and otherwise persecuted in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere in the Middle East, yet the West is silent! What I have heard from most religious leaders in their public statements, including my brother bishops, is to pray for the victims. This is something we should do, certainly. The power of the mass and the rosary must never be underestimated. Yet, when someone is sick, we do not say to pray for them and do nothing else. We call a doctor. We have a surgeon cut out the cancer. Therefore I say pray for the Christians in the middle east, but I also say to put that prayer into action!  The governments of the west have the military force to intervene. They must use it, or else the blood of these Christian martyrs is on their hands!

Faithful in Christ, write to your government leaders and representatives. Urge them not to be silent. Urge them to speak out. Use your voice and theirs to insist that the governments with the power to do something about this sickening abomination take action now! Carry your prayers to the people who can work decisively to end this genocide.

Also, contact those who lead organizations that might be able to bring refugees from Iraq. As we talk about amnesty for those who illegally cross the southern American border in search of better economic conditions, why are we not bringing those who are suffering genocide at the hands of the Muslim infidels?

If you say nothing, the blood of these martyrs is on your hands! If you do not do what is within your power to do, however large or small that act may be, the blood of these martyrs is on your hands!