13 August 2014

Thomas Aquinas and Torture, both then and now

Sub Tuum.

This is a good article (click here) dealing with torture in the modern context and in prior use by both secular and Church authorities. Whether or not one laments the use of torture in the medieval and Renaissance periods, there is a clear difference between that and the hidden, secretive nature of torture today. Done under a veil of official denial, torturers in the government operate virtually unfettered. The primary reason for the use of torture, particularly in the modern era, is not in reality the gathering of accurate intelligence, but rather revenge stemming from an underlying sadism. In short, those who torture enjoy seeing others suffer.

Robin Williams

Some have chosen to recall Robin Williams as a left-winger. What difference does that make now? Some have blamed his suicide on all kinds of off-the-wall things with the purpose of trading on his unfortunate death to advance some sort of agenda. Others have chosen to hound and harass his family. For me, I will remember him in Dead Poet's Society (my favorite of his movies), Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, and all the others that made me and millions laugh. I will pray for the repose of his soul.