23 September 2014

The Trouble Facing Traditional Catholicism

Sub Tuum.

Traditionalist Catholics correctly note problems with the Novus Ordo. They continue to be discouraged by the liberal, modernist culture and organization of the Roman Communion prompted by changes made after the Second Vatican Council. They correctly note the downward spiral. There are two major problems with the traditionalist movement, however;

(1) many use tradition as an excuse to reject Papal authority completely. Even those who were granted autonomy were not given that status to invent their own doctrine or to ignore the Holy Father. He is, in fact and in Canon law, the spiritual head of the universal church.

(2) traditionalists cannot agree on what is wrong and what they are against to the point of undermining their strength by in-fighting. Paul VI was correct when he said that " the smoke of Satan had entered the Church". Those who hold to the traditions of the Catholic Church stand against the influences of the Devil. Yet, rather than come together in unity of purpose, many traditionalists would rather continue their trend of finger-pointing at their fellow traditionalists, complaining about this or that. Egotism anoints itself; arrogance abounds. The result is a house divided that can not longer stand.