22 March 2015

The "Made Up" Church

Sub Tuum.

On this Passion Sunday, here is a thought to contemplate and share. From time to time I hear those in one ecclesiastical group accusing another ecclesiastical group of being "made up." Whenever I hear that being said between groups, two things come to mind. The first is parts of the Gospel from today's mass. The second is that they are actually right. Every single ecclesiastical jurisdiction is "made up," even the See of Peter. Christ founded the Church, but Peter founded the Diocese of Rome. We traditional Old Roman Catholics, Old Catholics, the See of Utrecht, the Church of England, the Episcopal Church, every Orthodox church, the Anglican Ordinariate, and every last diocese within the Roman Communion are in fact "made up," for each and every last one of them has a human founder. What a better world we would have if people would worry about their own condition more and criticize what faults they believe others have less. How much time has been wasted by busybodies discussing minutia rather than focusing on their mission as Christians. How many Church leaders preach hate and intolerance towards their brethren rather than reaching out in love to find common ground. Consider this as we enter this time in the liturgical year in which we commemorate and live the time that Christ hid himself from public view. Let us each resolve to make ourselves better and be as new men when Easter comes!