05 July 2015

The United States and the Enlightenment

Sub Tuum.

Pray for the faith
in America
Over 200 years ago, the groundwork was laid for the eventual destruction of the United States with the influx of the ideas of the Enlightenment into the founding of what was otherwise a Christian-oriented (albeit Protestant), independent republic. Rather than absolute truth, the precedent of truth and justice according to popular vote was established. As we are seeing now, even the definition of words is subject to judicial rule. What is and is not true, what is and is not actual history, what speech is protected and what is not. All these things in the United States are subject to popular vote, usually spurred by a determined minority (something some of the Founders rightly feared). Popular vote at the hands of activists has resulted in Christians and particularly Catholics being bullied out of the mainstream, for we do espouse the right idea that truth is NOT subject to popular vote. We do not espouse relativism. We are the antithesis of the Enlightenment, and the Enlightenment is the antithesis of faith in God. This Independence Day, pray for the United States to return to what Christian roots it had and to strengthen them. Resolve to declare yourselves independent of the politically correct establishment and the bigoted progressives and stand always for the faith.