25 October 2015

Christ the King

Sub Tuum.

Today we celebrate the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as we do on the last Sunday of October each year. It is right that this feast is celebrated on the Sunday preceding the Feast of All Saints, for Christ is Lord over all the Saints and Angels in Heaven. The Kingdom of God is not of this world, as Our Lord told to Pilate during His Passion. Yet God created the heavens and the earth. All the earth, all people, and all nations are inherently of God and therefore under God. Christ's Kingship extends over all earth. All kings of the earth are subject to Him. All nations of the earth are His subordinates, for that which is created is not greater than the Creator. 

Our Lord is the supreme and eternal King, the final arbiter and judge, and the ultimate law-giver. There are no laws of man that are superior to the laws of Christ and His Holy Church. Those laws of man that are good and just are only good and just insofar as they are consistent with the laws of Christ. Those laws that are not consistent with the supreme laws of Christ need not be obeyed, and the Christian people are right in opposing them. Those who force and compel obedience to such unrighteous laws violate the supreme law of Christ. 

Christ on his Cross has redeemed mankind. It is in the Cross that all mankind is united, despite differences of politics, culture, race, ethnicity, and language. It is up to each of us, however, to accept or reject this gift. It is up to each of us to accept or reject unity of all people in the corporate Body of Christ. Man's inhumanity to his fellows, whether through physical violence, through words, or through other means, is an offense against this unity to which we are called and which is a reflection of the reward of eternal life in Heaven. 

The leaders of the nations must seek to govern in accordance with the supreme law of Christ and with a mind towards building unity in Christ. Indeed, all people must seek to live according to Christ's law and approach others with the intent of furthering unity. In dealing with all people, even when dealing with those who do not believe, we must strive to follow the example of Christ, both in love for all mankind and in just defense of truth.