07 April 2017

American Attacks on Syria

Sub Tuum.

Statement of the Patriarch of St. Stephen:

The U.S. President's military action of today can be called nothing short of reckless, irresponsible, inappropriate, and illegitimate. The sabre-rattling of yesterday was a clear pretext to war. That military action happened so soon thereafter clearly suggests that commentary was nothing but an excuse used to justify something already planned.

One must ask that, other than cleaning up the mess of ISIS that the Americans created, what right does the United States have to conduct an act of war against a foreign power? In addition to the simple fact that military intervention of this nature in Syria is complex at best on its own, the proximity of Russian troops makes this a potential powder-keg. Hopefully this will not be the site where the fools of the twenty-first century destroy lands and people in a proxy war between two superpowers.

It is time for the United States military to cease obeying foolish and likely illegal orders. One cannot be absolved simply because one was following orders.